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Chengdu Shichen Trading Co., Limited Favorite 中文標準版

Dextrose Anhydrous

CAS No.: 50-99-7
Molecular formula: C6H12O6
Packing: 25kg/Bag, 22MT can be loaded into 1x20’FCL
A White, crystalline powder, with a sweet taste, freely soluble in water, sparingly soluble in alcohol
Serves as sweeteners in food and beverages to increase the sweetness, it is widely used in food industry as the substitute of saccharose.


Specifications ? Standards
Specific rotation ? +52.6°- +53.2°
Acidity ? 5.0g sample,0.020mol/l NaOH ≤0.30ml
Water % ≤ 0.5
Residue on ignition % ≤ 0.1
Chloride (As Cl) % ≤ 0.018
Sulphates (As SO4) % ≤ 0.025
As 1ppm
Heavy metals 5ppm
Dextrin ? It dissolves completely
Soluble starch and sulfites ? The liquid is colored yellow
Residual solvents ? Conforms
Total plate count 1000pcs/g
Pathogenic bacterium ? None
Endotoxine bacterium 0.25Eu/ml

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